Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New iPhone 3G...should I get one?

I know what you're thinking...this isn't a small business tip...

Oh yes it is!

Well not really a tip, but more of a call for advice - which will lead to tips from the blog viewers...or at least that's what I'd like to think.

Many of us small business owners have taken to "smartphones" so that we can run about doing our business on the go. I have the Treo, many of my colleagues are using the Blackberry and I have friends and several family members (my nephew works at Apple) who are sporting the iPhone.

I remember when the first one came out - my business partner and I were salivating. We are both in love with our Macs and iPods. The thought of a phone incorporating it all was nirvana. (I'm not even kidding here.) The cost of the phone as you remember was a bit pricey but we didn't care, we wanted that bad boy. We almost paid the penalty on our Verizon plans and went for it. Common sense got a hold of us and we decided we should wait. Apple always comes out with something better.

Sure enough, it's here - the 3g.

I'm on the fence. Should I dump Verizon and go with the iPhone and AT&T? Or should I stay with my current Verizon plan ($165/month) and upgrade to the new Blackberry? What to do???

One thing is for sure, my Treo is done! This is my second one and I have to say, my Treo is a disappointment - I continually miss important messages, sometimes my phone goes straight to VM without even ringing (and no it's not Verizon, because I'll be sitting right next to someone else with the same plan and no problems). It's always been a little glitchy, automatically restarting on its own - not letting me know I have text messages unless I pull out the battery and put it back, (and then they come flooding in). Email downloads stopping and freezing.

Last month we were in Palm Springs and we were heading to a wedding and we got lost. My nephew whipped out his iPhone and GPS and wham we were on track within minutes. My phone...sadly...just a mere disappointment.

I won't bore you with the new features, but instead I'll share this funny sarcastic video with you:

Video tutorial: unlock iphone

I definitely need a smartphone to operate my small business effectively. My clients count on being able to get a hold of me and I take pride in being available for them. What about you? Are you using an iPhone, Blackberry, Treo or another brand for business or personal that you'd like to recommend?

Please post your comments and opinions, and in fact...I'll put up a poll over on the right hand side of the blog. Weigh in, let me know what you think!




Joshed said...

Get a 3g. I am drooling over them. I have had a 1st gen iPhone since September last year and I am very happy with it. I am paying about $90 a month for 900 anytime minutes, 1500 texts, and unlimited data iPhone plan.

Best smart phone I have ever owned. Hands down. Any this comes from years of cell phone add with Nokia smart phones.

Complete Business Systems said...

Thanks for weighing in Joshed. Are you planning on upgrading to the new 3g then?

Anonymous said...

Well, I have a muvo and an LG. and it would be nice if i only had to carry around one that has both.

Jim said...

One issue with the iPhone 3G is long term cost, comparing the first iPhone with the new 3G, It maybe cheaper in the beginning, BUT during the first two years you'll have to pay $160 more because the pricier data plan for the iPhone 3G compared to the old iPhone.

VOICE ACTIVATION/GPS: How come Apple's tech geniuses still haven't figured out how to offer voice-activated calling on their "state of the art" mobile phone. Even some cheap or "free" phones come with this feature!

The iPhone 3G's camera still doesn't have a flash and the batteries aren't replaceable. also you can't send or receive photos AND it doesn't allow using it as a camcorder.

Many people are leaning towards the Samsung Instinct, it has voice navigation and it has a setting to optimize the touch screen for left handers.

The Instinct also comes with first-rate voice-command features. Simply press the voice-input ('Speech to Action') button on the right side, and you can initiate calls or text messages to contacts in your address book, or launch key applications, something the iPhone doesn't have.. At $130 with a two-year contract, the Instinct is a good handset and a great deal.

I'm also looking at the MVNO Wild Card phone...


Naomi Trower said...

I love my gadgets! I'm a blackberry gal all the way. I need an upgrade and I'm still deciding on my next BB!!

Complete Business Systems said...

Thanks Naomi, I really haven't heard anything bad about the Blackberry thus far, I may end up going with it.

The Small Biz. Guru said...

A couple things:

The most important thing being-- SERVICE!

Is Verizon's signal better where you live/travel/work?

Sure, a great smartphone is sweet, but if you cannot use it because of the lack of bars, what are you going to do all day? Write memos to yourself?

The iPhone is a great device from what I have heard. However, I upgraded to a BlackBerry Curve 8330 with Verizon because where I live Verizon's signal is better.

Also, this may no longer be an issue, but I cannot recall. Apple is still not compatible with Flash?

I've had my BlackBerry for a month now and really like it. I'm sure you have checked lots of reviews, but I recently posted one on the 8330. http://smallbizguru.blogspot.com/2008/07/product-review-blackberry-curve-8330.html

Plugs aside, you have to select a phone that benefits you.

Good luck!

~the GURU

Complete Business Systems said...

Thanks Small Biz Guru!

I really appreciate your input regarding your blackberry. I still haven't decided. I got busy with work, so I'm still holding on to the Treo for now.

I will check out your review on your blog - and as long as you comment on the topic, I welcome anyone self promoting their blog :)

Martina said...

I like this IPhone .

UK Business Lists said...

Though this i phone is highly advanced but its not free form technical complexities,even I haven't decided yet to buy it or not.

Anonymous said...

BB 9000 all the way - even enough to post about it :


Executive Coach Training said...

The ability to edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations... iWork for Office for the iPhone.

Grim Reapers said...

As you say that you feel disappointment from your cell and according to the situation which you tells that your nephew find your phone easily with his iphone so its clear which is good for you.Anyway i will prefer the iphone.

Anonymous said...

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Business Phone System said...

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