Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Small Business Link Building

How do you get inbound links to your small business website?

Read on for some great tips!

As we’ve mentioned before, search engine algorithms consider linking to be a significant part of the equation, such as:

  • Anchor Text - Remember that “click here” doesn’t carry as much weight as “your product or service” will as a link.
  • Number of links - (both inbound and outbound are important), link to sites that are related in nature to your website.
  • Quality of links - If you are selling pet food, your incoming and outgoing links should be relevant to the pet industry, and not flood insurance. Consider exchanging links with other businesses with a good page ranking.
How can you beef up your link strategy?

All websites should have a blog and information related to your primary service or product. Create articles to share information with your visitors. Providing your site with fresh content and helpful information will do wonders for you.


Write articles and then submit them on the Internet. Place your contact information in the Author section along with a link to your website. Other sites will soon pick up your articles and post them, creating inbound links to your site.

Press Releases
If you have something exciting going on with your small business that will be interesting and beneficial, by all means issue a press release. You’re article can be picked up and distributed throughout the Internet.

Outbound links
Place content on your pages that is useful and helpful to your visitors and be sure to include outbound links to higher authority websites. Placing a link to a page rank 5 site will help you!

Social Media sites
Use social media sites to comment on other people’s posts, articles, videos, etc.., make sure that you are commenting about the topic at hand and not spamming them regarding your business or service. A little bit of networking can go a long way!

Investigating the Competition
Do a search using your main keywords and see who’s showing up in the SERP’s. Follow up by searching for the competitor’s links (link:theirsite.com) and then contact the websites who are linking to them to see if they are interested in exchanging links with you.

Just remember to stay away from dishonest practices if you do the work, the benefits will be well worth your time.



Martina said...

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Max Dickinson said...

A few days back, I came across an article on The Wall Street Journal (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB121803438950516993.html?mod=SmallBusinessMain_feature_articles) about the increasing impact of online video ads and how they are helping small and medium sized business to gain from it. There are quite a few sites like Jivox (http://www.jivox.com/gallery.html) that allows users (SMB) to create and distribute their video ads with a shoe string budget.
This is one good thing coming out from web 2.0 – everyone has access to high performing video ads and other rich media previously used exclusively by big corporate

Andrew said...

You can also use a cool web based software such as LotusJump for making the tough job of finding quality link sources much easier. I use it on a couple sites I own.

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