Sunday, January 6, 2008

Santa Cruz County Storm Aftermath

Lucky for me, I have power (apparently because I am on the same grid as the fire department) - but 200,000 people are still without it according to the San Jose Mercury News. My sister who lives just up the road from me is one of them. They haven't had power since early Friday morning.

Here are the storm numbers:

  • 105 mph - top wind gust recorded in mountains above Los Gatos on Friday
  • 27 Highway and road closures reported Saturday evening.
  • 10.06 inches of rain fall in San Lorenzo Valley since Friday.
I was on our local newspaper site, The Santa Cruz Sentinel and found these great photos:

This was the early afternoon scene at Coffee Cat in Scotts Valley, as Friday's widespread power outages brought San Lorenzo Valley telecommuters out of the woodwork. I live right across the street. (Dan Soltzberg photo)

Michael Saunders of Ben Lomond, stands beneath a large redwood that fell on his property during Friday's gusts. Interestingly it fell uphill. Notice the house below if it had fallen the other way.
(Photo by Al Luckow).

Sadly, Gilda J. Stagnaro, the beloved matriarch of the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf who for more than 35 years ran the landmark family restaurant that bears her name, died Friday morning after collapsing in the driving wind and rain just 90 feet from the business. She was 83. Gilda was known as the "Queen of the Wharf". I love going out to Gilda's on a stormy morning to have a delicious omelet and hashbrowns (my favorite in town) and I am saddened by the news of her passing.

Today we had rain again and some hail, but other than that I think the commotion has died down.

I hope you all had a great weekend and tomorrow we'll have Michelle post some business tips for you!


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