Friday, February 22, 2008

Domain Name Renewal

Is your domain name coming up for renewal?

If so, take into consideration the tips below in order to make it a painless process:

  • Don’t get fooled by scammers and pay through the nose for your domain name. If you are new to owning a website and domain name, you may have purchased just a year in the beginning to wait and see if you were successful or not. If your domain name isn’t private, people can look up the information and contact you to renew your name.
  • It happens every day and what they do is contact you pretending that you need to order the domain name from them. You’ll notice that the name is significantly higher for the second year and you may not recognize the company name. Many people have no idea they are being scammed and send in their money to keep their domain name registered. Often times the fake companies will take your money and run.
  • Additionally, there are companies who like to swoop in under your registrar and get you to order your domain name renewal and transfer it to them at a higher price than your regular registrar.
  • When in doubt, contact your domain name provider to see if they have indeed sent you a renewal notice and be aware that a domain name should never cost more than around $14.00 tops. If you’re paying any higher, you are overpaying!
  • Lastly, it has been reported that having your domain name registered for more than a year will help you with SEO. There are people who firmly believe this and others who do not. If it is true and you purchase 2 or more years, you’ll most likely get a discount for ordering more than one year. If it isn’t true and you get a discount anyhow, you’re saving money and don’t we love that?
The whole process can be quick and painless, just make sure that you don't let it expire and have the dreaded "parked" page up there. Pay attention to always managing your company website and keep things current.


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