Wednesday, March 12, 2008

SEO Tips

I just sent this to a potential client and since I wrote it all out in an email, I thought I'd just cut and paste into here. Yeah...I's not exactly something new and fresh, however - I was thinking about you! I thought you might need a gentle reminder of some basic practices you can do yourself to help with your SEO.

For your inbound links, the search engine algorithms rely on several different factors:

  1. Quality keyword rich content (including using your keywords on pages in the headline ‘H1’ title of your pages)
  2. Inbound links from relevant businesses/sources using anchor text and ‘deep links’ going to different pages within your site (this also applies to links within your site)
  3. Meta tags and descriptions including text in the title tag and also in the body of the pages (although some argue that Google doesn’t count them, many other engines do)
  4. Sitemap (one that you submit to your webmaster account and that you continually update when new content is added)
  5. Articles (relevant to your industry and keywords with the keywords in the urls)
  6. Analytics (having a good analytics program in place that you monitor)
  7. Alt tags for images
  8. Manual submission to search engines (and submit only once)
  9. Once your articles have been added to your sitemap and indexed by the search engines, article syndication is a great help as many of the syndications keep the link to your article on prominent pages (thus encouraging more click-throughs to your site)
  10. Have a blog on your site where the content is updated frequently
More small business tips to come, I promise!