Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo at Complete Business Systems

It's Cinco de Mayo! What does that mean for Complete Business Systems? Not much at all...I thought just MAYBE that there wouldn't be as much work today, (you know, people love any reason to celebrate). I was dead wrong.

Today was really hectic! A few of our longest clients contacted me today with new business ideas. Other clients who haven't sent in final content decided today was the day to finish their websites. New potential clients called in with ideas for websites and logos.

So...I didn't have time to write a small business tips blog today.

With that said, tomorrow I will post a small business tip you can use.

For now, I have this to pass on:

Today really isn't Mexican Independence day.

Yahoo placed a lovely image for you.

Google showed no love for the holiday.

I'll post something tomorrow - as it's getting late and my margarita, chips and salsa are waiting.



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