Thursday, May 22, 2008

Santa Cruz County Summit Fire

We're experiencing a really big fire in Santa Cruz County. The pictures posted are from the KSBW site from viewers who sent in photos. We're close (in Scotts Valley) but not close enough to have to be evacuated. We did have to close all of the windows because it smells like smoke outside and it was starting to come inside.

1400 people have been evacuated thus far.

As of now, it's been burning for 12 hours and is currently out of control, there are more than 500 firefighters on scene and it's approaching 4,000 acres scorched. 40 engines, 8 tankers, and 8 helicopters are on scene. They are expecting it to burn 10,000 acres.

One of the major factors is the high wind we have been experiencing. Our power went out earlier today due to the high winds.

Google Maps is updating on the fire with evacuations, road closures, destruction, videos and images too.

We've been hearing the helicopters and sirens all day too. You can read the full story on KSBW. Local residents have already begun posting on YouTube. The Governor has declared a state of emergency.

We have friends in the fire department fighting the fire and we hope for a quick and safe containment of the fire.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures. Santa Cruz native in NH

Complete Business Systems said...

Thanks for commenting! They now have the fire 50% contained. Hopefully it'll be out in the next couple of days.